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Money is waiting to be poured into real estate!

Despite being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, in Thuan An city - Binh Duong, the real estate market is still vibrant and attracts many domestic and foreign businesses to participate.

It is no coincidence that large real estate corporations simultaneously flocked to Thuan An - Binh Duong area to build and develop. According to many reputable real estate experts, the supply of real estate in Ho Chi Minh City continues to decelerate for 2 consecutive years, the number of products sold is meager due to the tight legal policy and land fund. exhausted. Along with that, housing prices here are peaking.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, tourism and rental real estate showed signs of slowing down, even if they had to cut losses, industrial real estate still maintained its performance and developed stably. Thuan An with the advantage of being an industrial city located near Ho Chi Minh City is a popular destination investment Selection.

Thuan An has the advantage of a convenient trade location, with many arterial roads passing through National Highway 13, DT743B, DT743, My Phuoc - Tan Van road ... helping to quickly move to special economic zones in the Southeast region. : Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Vung Tau, administrative center of Binh Duong province.


A group of young customers, people with middle incomes aspire to own their own apartments at a suitable price.

Besides, this is home to many large industrial parks: VSIP 1, Viet Huong, Dong An... with an abundant labor force, especially experts from countries in Asia. More than half a million residents living in Thuan An are enjoying top-class facilities from Aeon Mall Binh Duong, Lotte Mart, Vincom Di An, Becamex Hospital, Hanh Phuc Hospital… As expected, human resources here every day. The annual increase from 20-25% creates investment opportunities to build infrastructure, trade centers, real estate development, especially high-rise apartment models to meet people's needs.

Thuan An - Binh Duong area is bustling with a series of real estate projects that have been and are being implemented along National Highway 13 and DT743 section passing through Thuan An city area such as: ParkView Apartment, Eco Xuan, Tecco Home, Astral City, Opal Skyline…

Specifically, on National Highway 13 from Thu Duc towards the center of Binh Duong, you can see projects: Astral City (about 36 million/m2), Eco Xuan (from 26 million/m2), Opal Skyline (from 28 - 30 million VND/m2). 30 million/m2), Emerald Gold View (from 38 to 42 million/m2)… On the DT743 route from Di An towards Tan Uyen town, projects are also being implemented: Charm City (from 32 million/m2) , Anderson Park (from 30 million/m2)…

In general, the projects here have diverse price segments ranging from 26 to more than 40 million/m2. Explaining this price difference, real estate experts said, because Binh Duong area currently has 45,000 foreign experts and engineers and nearly 1 million domestic high-tech workers and engineers. This is a group of customers with middle-high income, leading to the need for living space to meet certain factors such as healthy green space, convenient internal and external facilities for the needs of customers. daily activities.


Tecco Home An Phu with a central location in Thuan An stands out with attractive prices, a series of modern utilities as well as great incentives for investors.

Tecco Home An Phu has a position of multi-directional traffic connection when located at An Phu Roundabout, right in front of DT743 Street, Quarter 1A, An Phu Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province. Next to Vsip1 Industrial Park, adjacent to the road axis of December 22, My Phuoc Tan Van Expressway, Bui Thi Xuan; From 4 to 8km from Thu Dau Mot City, Bien Hoa City, Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Next to Vsip 1 Industrial Park; Song Than Industrial Park, Viet Huong, Tan Dong Hiep A, Tan Dong Hiep B from 4 to 7km
  • Kindergarten and schools at all levels are only 700m - 3km;
  • An Phu General Hospital 500m;
  • Near major markets in the area such as Hoa Lan Market (3.3km); Vsip1 Market (1.7km); Phu Phong Market (3km)
  • Supermarkets AEON Mall, Lotte Mart, Vincom Di An from 4 Km;

From Tecco Home Apartment can move quickly to the economic, cultural and political centers with the arterial traffic routes of Thuan An and Di An cities.

The prime location, beautiful design, diverse area create the most attractive profitable investment in the area. Tecco Corporation is also interested in developing a civilized, polite and aesthetically pleasing urban area for residents, as well as meeting the needs of customers who want to own "turnkey" houses as soon as they are completed. ".

Tecco Corporation decided to build the project TECCO BINH DUONG APARTMENT with modern, elegant and comfortable designs that are equally diverse according to the wishes and needs of the most demanding customers.

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